Monday, January 12, 2009

Internet Marketing Advice for Beginners Only

This was a prayer answered from God thru the internet. There is so much going on. Today the Detroit Free Press did an article on Myspace,Facebook, Twitter and Linked/Plaxo. They dogged Linkedin (I actually like it because it is easy and intuitive...I personally feel you need a MBA to understand Facebook programming functions) Anyway.....there is new stuff I have to learn, while I teach authors how to media and online. Lord, this is a tough job in the information age!

But I really want to get some lists, some "to do's" as I launch out into the deep on the Internet Marketing World, and Steve Weber came to my rescue. He stirs up more questions - but that's ok, at least I now know what to ask! I'm at least clued in.

Thanks Steve, I appreciated your comments. You helped me.

Internet Marketing Advice for Beginners Only

This page is devoted to pure beginners. If you want to make money online but don’t know the difference between SEO and FTP, continue reading!

First Things First!
The Internet can be a GREAT career for you, however, you will not make money with your online business tomorrow, next week, or next month (unless you clean your closets out via eBay). You do not have the knowledge or experience required in order to make money yet with Internet marketing. Maybe you had your hopes up after signing up with one of the “data entry” or “type at home” scam sites. Unfortunately there is no "quick" money available online.

Do a search on Google for "type at home scams" or "data entry scams". Read for yourself about one of the biggest scams on the Internet today.

There is no way you can pay a small “fee” for the “privilege” of copying and pasting “ads” for companies and make lots of money doing so. If you signed up for one of those scams, get your money back!

The biggest mistake you, as a beginner, can make is wasting your time trying to make money from day one. Use your time more productively than rolling around the Internet like a lose cannon with absolutely no idea what to do.
The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

You won’t want to hear what I have to say about this. The reason you will hate hearing the truth here is that you probably still have the misconception that there is easy and fast money to be made online.

What is the easiest way to make money online? Having your own website is the easiest way. Whether you are selling affiliate products or your own products, doing so via your own sites is the easiest way to enjoy online success.

Having your own website does not mean finding a host or online service which will help you create a site with online templates! If you are committed to success with Internet marketing, you simply have to bite the bullet and learn how to create your own websites. There are several good web editors; I use Dreamweaver to create my sites.

However, a robust web editor will cost several hundreds of dollars. Real WebSite Pro includes a free web editor to get started with and complete video tutorials. Most people can learn to build a simple site with it in a weekend!

At the same time you are learning web design, you must also educate yourself on other important marketing skills about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Once you learn web design and SEO, the sky is truly the limit! Yes, there are a few more skills you must build. Copy writing, list building, and image design/manipulation are a few.

The Hardest Way to Make Money Online

You are sure not going to like hearing this either. PayPerClick (like AdWords) is the hardest skill to learn.(AMEN. I THOUGHT I WAS JUST DUMB) Do not be deceived by how easy it is to setup an AdWords’ campaign! Google has made their money machine VERY easy to use. Trust me, setting up the campaign and making money with the campaign are two VERY different things!

If you have a PayPerClick campaign running right now, stop it! You might make a lucky sale now and then, but you will not make a profit overall. I know these words sound severe. However, you simply will not make money with PPC until you have studied it and practiced for a LONG time! Unfortunately, practicing with AdWords requires cash…and lots of it!

PayPerClick is NOT a place for beginners!
Save your money, save your time, and learn web design. Along the way keep studying and practicing with AdWords a little at a time, but don't focus entirely on it as your only method.

From Steve Weber!


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