Monday, April 19, 2010

Social Media Success Summit 2010 from Pam Perry, Social Media Marketing Expert

Want to brand better? News about the Social Media Success Summit 2010

I recently suggested you check out
Media Success Summit 2010
—the online conference for businesses that want use social
media to gain more exposure and better engage customers using tools such
as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Today, I have a major announcement for you…


This is the web's largest online conference
dedicated to help businesses succeed with social media marketing. More
than 800 of your peers have already signed up
, including GE, Intel,
Staples, Electronic Arts, Lowes, Eastman Kodak, NCR, Harvard Business
School, Thomson Reuters, Liberty Mutual, American Express and hundreds
of smaller businesses.

Twenty-four social media gurus will reveal the secrets of
their success
at Social Media Success Summit 2010. The all-star
lineup of presenters includes bestselling authors Guy Kawasaki (Art
of the Start
), Chris Brogan (Social Media 101),
Darren Rowse
(ProBlogger), Mari Smith (Facebook
), Greg Jarboe (YouTube and Video Marketing),
Kim Dushinski (Mobile Marketing Handbook) and Lewis
(LinkedWorking: Generating Success on LinkedIn).

You'll also hear from social media pros at companies such as
Home Depot
, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Domino's Pizza,
Edelman PR, Foursquare, and Groupon. They'll tell
how they use social media tactics to help their organizations beat the

Check the
bios on these folks here

Here are some of the topics sessions will cover:

* Effective ways to market your company with Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, YouTube, social bookmarking sites, mobile
and more

* How to track and measure the return on investment for
social media programs

* A step-by-step method for creating a smart social media
marketing plan

* How to build a loyal social media following

* How to bring more customers into your local business
with social media techniques

Go here to
see all the sessions

This is more than just an event. It's also a way for people just
like you to come together, share their experiences, meet the experts
and network.

At last year's summit, 97 percent of attendees said they'd
recommend the event to a friend AND attend again! That's some


The event organizers added $797 worth of giveaways for early
registrants. These are high-value videos courses, e-books and classes
that the presenters actually sell in their own successful businesses.
When you sign up for the event, you get all of these included at no
extra cost!

Here's a sample of the 20 valuable bonuses they're giving away:

* Facebook for Business: How to Create a Loyal Following, Build
Your Brand, and Increase Your Profits Using the #1 Social Network

* Using the Power and Reach of LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

* How to Grow and Engage an Audience on Twitter

* The Twitter Strategy Marketing Guide

* How to Drive More Qualified Traffic to Your Blog

Go here now
to learn more

Here's to your Social Media Marketing success!

Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert

P.S. This event does not require any travel. You simply
attend sessions, meet the experts and network with peers from the
comfort of your home or office. How cool is that?

To see how
this works, go here

P.P.S. FYI, the half-off early bird discount expires NEXT
WEEK.  Go here now:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Twitter Rockstar: How to go from zero to hero on Twitter without selling your soul

Ever wonder how all these people are gaining Guru Status on Twitter?

I recently met this guy who has been killing it on Twitter without using any mass follow or auto-follow techniques.

He basically came onto the scene from nowhere and is slowly starting to make his mark.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I first started hearing about the stuff he was doing.

This dude has spent over 5 months testing all this stuff...and apparently he' s come out of the shadows to reveal his secrets to the rest of us.

He just showed me a technique that he used to make a targeted list of 500 people, in under a week, with a brand new Twitter account& with only 10 minutes per day to work with!

I thought it was too good to be true, but he proved me wrong!!!

Don't believe me? Go see this video about building a targeted list on Twitter in a week.

Pretty amazing, right?

And Nathan is obviously not a Guru. He simply did the work that no one else wanted to do because he got sick and tired of reading bad Twitter books and watching ridiculously overhyped videos.

If you're like me, it would probably take you years to figure all this out, too. Fortunately for us, this dude reveals all his secrets for becoming a Twitter Rockstar and learning how to dominate your niche or brand with Twitter.

He debunks a lot of myths about Twitter, shows you some techniques I' m sure you've never heard of (this blew me away since most Gurus tell you the opposite! Now I know why: they want you to follow them and hang on their every word..).

The thing is, I doubt he will keep his course available for long. Would you?

So save yourself years of struggle, trial and error, hours and hours of testing, and a huge learning curve by checking out Twitter Rockstar today at

P.S. You owe it to yourself to spend just a few minutes watching Nathan reveal his 500 targeted followers in under 7 days video. Just think what it would mean if you just did that every week!

Watch it here:

Visit me at too!

Hear Nathan Hangen on the Synergy Energy Show:  

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Internet Marketing Explained....GOOGLE ranking is KEY!

Hey Super Star!

Time to RESURRECT YOUR Dreams!

Getting ranked on the first page of Google use to be a very, very difficult task. Almost impossible for the average online entrepreneur.

BUT... things have changed online in the last few years, and the game is wide open.

Listen up ...Today I want to show you exactly how you can get your self positioned on the first page of Google and the other top search engines.

There's several different strategies you can use, but they all come down to THREE basic principles

STEP #1: Keyword Research

It all starts with keyword research. You need to decide which specific keyword phrases you want to compete for. And better yet you want to know if you stand a chance at winning.

This is where the importance of proper keyword research comes in. You will waste a lot of time and effort without the proper research.

So, to make this easy for you, we've put together some really great training videos that explain exactly how to do this. Have a look under STRATEGY #8 Content & Article marketing. You will find the videos on Keyword Research.

STEP #2: Create your CONTENT

You can create articles, blog posts, squidoo lenses, hubpages, or videos. They idea here is to create good, quality content that will get read or watched.

Now you take the list of keyword phrases that you have chosen from your research and create the content around these phrases.

Use the keyword phrase in the title, in the description and in the body of the content. Nothing complicated here folks.

STEP #3: Distribute your CONTENT

Now that you have your content, all you need to do is get it out on to the world wide web. Post your articles in several article directories, create a squidoo lens, a hubpage, on your blogs, or use the content in forums.

With videos distribute them to several video sharing sites and post them on your blogs.

Want a shortcut?

Check out our secret weapon to dominating Google:

Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Expert Ministry Marketing Solutions, Inc./


Our Complete Marketing Training Center


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