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Did you know you can submit your Press Releases to our sister site ( via your EzineArticles account?

Here’s a brand new video that walks you through how to submit your 1st Press Release:

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Power to Create Profits - Marketing Momentum

Here, the entire process of online money making is divided into a few steps. They are as follows:

• Mentally prepare yourself: You and I both know that getting rich over night is never going to happen. Whether you like or not, you have to accept the fact that you will fail many a times. But these failures will teach you what not to do while making money online. So be mentally prepared for everything, be it good or bad that may come your way.

• Work hard: no shortcuts work when it comes to achieving success; you have to work hard and there are no two ways about it.

• Passion: Everyone is passionate about something or the other. You sure have a passion as well. Say for example you have a passion for writing; there are several online jobs that require freelance writers to provide them with original and quality content. This way you will not only get to do something that you are passionate about but also earn money at the same time.

• Get hold of the right people: of course you are not the only one with your particular interest; there are others who share similar interests as you. So, do some research on the market, get in touch with people who do the same kind of work that you want to do. Ask them how you can apply for similar jobs and act accordingly.

One great way to make money from home if by promoting other people's products and making commission on every sale that is effected as a result of your marketing efforts. However, when you start off, you need to arm yourself not only with the right knowledge but a few helpful free promotion tools to help you on your way.

One such marketing tool is the twitter blaster, a free php script that will suck viral traffic to your website using the twitter network. However, this free tool is available for a limited time period only. So help yourself and download it today if you don't want to get left behind!

Online Book Marketing

Also see

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Copywriting - What's the big Deal? It is - that's it!

"8 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Copywriter"
by Ali Brown

If you're considering hiring copywriting help for your next sales letter, brochure, website, or marketing project. Congrats! You should get great results if you hire a pro to do it right.

Many solo-preneurs have valid concerns about letting an outsider develop their content. After all -- it's your business, you know it best, and your image is critical. However, you're wrapped up in your business every day.

A good copywriter can see your business in a new light, draw out the key benefits of your products and services, and communicate that excitement to your clients and prospects.

Working with a writer isn't complicated, however it will benefit you tremendously to become familiar with how the relationship typically works and ways to help the process move along smoothly. So, here are my top 8 tips on how to choose and work with a copywriter:

1. Understand what you're trying to accomplish.

Streamline the writing process by figuring out the principal points you need to communicate -- *before* you bring in a writer. Who is your target audience? What is your message? What is unique about your business? In what tone do you want to speak to your reader?

And most important: What response do you ideally want the reader to make? Having this information agreed upon BEFORE you get a writer involved will save you unnecessary copy revisions and keep your costs down.

2. Have a realistic schedule.

Rushed work usually means it'll be expensive... or just plain bad! Avoid hastily hiring a copywriter and dumping a rush job on her. Not only will you not have time to thoroughly check her experience and references, but, no matter how wonderfully talented she is, her first draft will not be 'fully cooked.' Most copywriters need some time to let words and ideas simmer.

Most writers will request several WEEKS to develop your copy, so set a realistic schedule to give the creative process ample time. Count on going through one or two revisions as your writer refines the piece and conveys the key benefits of what you're promoting.

3. Make sure the writer has written for the *medium* you want.

Let's say you need someone to re-energize the copy on your Web site. A freelancer who has only written magazine articles won't likely have the skills to create content for a dynamic Web site. She's probably not proficient at breaking-up copy into easily digestible bits, integrating hyperlinks that entice your users to take action, and keeping your end-user in mind to plan a friendly, easily-navigable site.

She may be able to learn how, but you'll be paying for her slow ramp-up speed. Take time instead to find the right person -- it will save you many headaches down the road.

4. Experience within your industry isn't always necessary.

When I was a copywriter myself, I heard many prospects say, 'So you've never written for a _______ company before?' A valid concern on your part, but don't worry. A writer's ability to write well for the medium is typically more important than her having prior experience in your industry.

Many writers are true generalists and write just as well for an edgy new media start-up as they do for a giant hospital network. They're very proficient at diving into your business, learning it inside and out, and churning out great copy to entice your target market.

Now of course, if you're producing a technically oriented business-to-business Web site or marketing piece, you may want to hire a writer with experience in both your project's medium and your industry. If you find a good one, hold on tightly and pay well. You've struck gold!

5. Ask for references, and contact them.

All writers can show you samples of well-written material, but how do you know if they'll work to understand your communication needs, meet deadlines, and act professionally in front of your clients? Any great copywriter should have an ample list of references that she can share with you. Be sure to contact at least two of them, and ask them about her weaknesses as well as her strengths.

6. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

It amazes me how businesspeople will drop thousands of dollars on Web or print design and hesitate to spend half as much on great copy. Pictures and design enhance your message, but jeez folks ...the writing IS your message!

Good copywriting does not come cheaply -- you'll find writers who charge anywhere from $75 - $250 per hour and up. You'll pay on the higher side for an experienced writer, one with a particular specialty, or one who's also a proficient editor. (Many writers are also great editors, but not all writers are editors, and vice versa.)

Veteran sales letter pros typically charge high flat fees, and I know of a few colleagues who charge up to $100,000.00 for one single salesletter, plus royalties. But you can find good copywriters for much less.

7. Work on more than a handshake.

True writing pros will give you an agreement they've drawn up for you. However, you'll occasionally find yourself having to draft an agreement for the project. This doesn't have to be complex -- a simple letter that you both sign should do fine. Be sure to include the project size, number of revisions included, timetable, and agreed fee (this can be a flat fee or hourly rate).

And don't forget to ask what's *not* included. For example, many writers charge extra for in-person meetings, research time, and weekend or rush work. You should also expect to pay an upfront retainer. Most writers charge one-third to one-half of the total project fee upfront, and many won't begin your project until they have the signed agreement and check in hand. And if you have sensitive or proprietary information, don't hesitate to have your writer sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

8. Give your writer background info at the start.

It often happens that a writer is hired for a large project, and the first thing she's asked to do is come in and interview all the principals of the company. After several days of interviews, the writer is then handed the company's brochures, annual report, and marketing plan.

If this background info had been given up front, the client could have saved hours of time and money! At the beginning of your project, pass on any and all previous and applicable info.

Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown publishes the award-winning 'Highlights on Marketing & Success' weekly ezine with 36,000+ subscribers. If you're ready to jump-start your marketing, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at

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Make Your Own Ebook Covers!

You know, I was always wondering how to make an Ebook cover. I wanted it to look nice and have that 3D look. But know what would clue me in. So, this is what I found on Ezine I have articles there now too!
Make Your Own Ebook Covers!

Let me know what things you find!
If you are selling an eBook, studies show that having an image of the book creates an increase in sales. A 3D cover gives the customer the feeling that they are actually getting SOMETHING for their money, not just a bunch of digital 1s and 0s.

There are several ways of creating an image for you to use. The first is to pay a designer to create one for you. The advantages of this are that you can usually receive an image or collection of images (in various sizes) that really looks nice. However, these custom images can be costly...between $50 and $200. And frequently it takes several iterations before the designer makes a 3D cover that matches exactly what you need.

The second method is to buy Adobe Photoshop and an Action Script. An Action Script is like a macro or mini-program within Photoshop. In the case of creating a 3D book cover, it involves converting the flat image and giving it effects like depth perspective, reflection, shadow, etc. There are existing templates and scripts for Photoshop that produce some really beautiful images. The difficulty is that both Photoshop and the Action Scripts are fairly pricey and have a bit of a learning curve. Photoshop costs $300 and the popular scripts for the 3D covers run about $50 to $100.

The third method is to use GIMP. GIMP is a free graphic software package that is as close to Photoshop you can get. There are some technical differences between GIMP and Photoshop which high-end graphic designers will argue about. But for the purposes of designing your own 3D book cover, GIMP can produce the same quality image as Photoshop.

GIMP is 'open-source' software. It is not owned by any one company. It is available freely on the internet.

There are several steps to creating a photo-realistic 3D cover. First, the image actually consists of several smaller images: the face, the spine, and the top edge. Reflections are created for the face and spine layers. Highlights are added to give texture to the book, especially at the bend and top edge. Those 'layers' are then wrapped around a box within GIMP.

One of the best things about mastering the GIMP technique is that GIMP can open Photoshop templates. There are free book cover templates available on the internet, but they are all in PSD files, which is Photoshop's format. Those free files can then be opened by GIMP, and the technique for wrapping can then be applied to those files as well, all without having to pay for Photoshop!

In addition to being fun, designing your own 3D Book covers can be profitable. Many internet marketers are looking for graphics to go with their products. Once you learn how to create those graphics, you then have the ability to sell them! Search Internet Marketing forums for people looking to buy graphics, or sign up with one of the many freelance design websites on the internet.

However you choose to create your 3D book cover, always strive for top quality results. A poor image, such as those created by free websites, can hurt your eBook sales. It is better to have NO image than to have a bad one.

You can see examples of 3D book covers created with GIMP at

You will also find a tutorial there that explains the steps in more detail, including the exact settings needed to wrap the layers correctly.

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Internet Marketing Advice for Beginners Only

This was a prayer answered from God thru the internet. There is so much going on. Today the Detroit Free Press did an article on Myspace,Facebook, Twitter and Linked/Plaxo. They dogged Linkedin (I actually like it because it is easy and intuitive...I personally feel you need a MBA to understand Facebook programming functions) Anyway.....there is new stuff I have to learn, while I teach authors how to media and online. Lord, this is a tough job in the information age!

But I really want to get some lists, some "to do's" as I launch out into the deep on the Internet Marketing World, and Steve Weber came to my rescue. He stirs up more questions - but that's ok, at least I now know what to ask! I'm at least clued in.

Thanks Steve, I appreciated your comments. You helped me.

Internet Marketing Advice for Beginners Only

This page is devoted to pure beginners. If you want to make money online but don’t know the difference between SEO and FTP, continue reading!

First Things First!
The Internet can be a GREAT career for you, however, you will not make money with your online business tomorrow, next week, or next month (unless you clean your closets out via eBay). You do not have the knowledge or experience required in order to make money yet with Internet marketing. Maybe you had your hopes up after signing up with one of the “data entry” or “type at home” scam sites. Unfortunately there is no "quick" money available online.

Do a search on Google for "type at home scams" or "data entry scams". Read for yourself about one of the biggest scams on the Internet today.

There is no way you can pay a small “fee” for the “privilege” of copying and pasting “ads” for companies and make lots of money doing so. If you signed up for one of those scams, get your money back!

The biggest mistake you, as a beginner, can make is wasting your time trying to make money from day one. Use your time more productively than rolling around the Internet like a lose cannon with absolutely no idea what to do.
The Easiest Way to Make Money Online

You won’t want to hear what I have to say about this. The reason you will hate hearing the truth here is that you probably still have the misconception that there is easy and fast money to be made online.

What is the easiest way to make money online? Having your own website is the easiest way. Whether you are selling affiliate products or your own products, doing so via your own sites is the easiest way to enjoy online success.

Having your own website does not mean finding a host or online service which will help you create a site with online templates! If you are committed to success with Internet marketing, you simply have to bite the bullet and learn how to create your own websites. There are several good web editors; I use Dreamweaver to create my sites.

However, a robust web editor will cost several hundreds of dollars. Real WebSite Pro includes a free web editor to get started with and complete video tutorials. Most people can learn to build a simple site with it in a weekend!

At the same time you are learning web design, you must also educate yourself on other important marketing skills about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Once you learn web design and SEO, the sky is truly the limit! Yes, there are a few more skills you must build. Copy writing, list building, and image design/manipulation are a few.

The Hardest Way to Make Money Online

You are sure not going to like hearing this either. PayPerClick (like AdWords) is the hardest skill to learn.(AMEN. I THOUGHT I WAS JUST DUMB) Do not be deceived by how easy it is to setup an AdWords’ campaign! Google has made their money machine VERY easy to use. Trust me, setting up the campaign and making money with the campaign are two VERY different things!

If you have a PayPerClick campaign running right now, stop it! You might make a lucky sale now and then, but you will not make a profit overall. I know these words sound severe. However, you simply will not make money with PPC until you have studied it and practiced for a LONG time! Unfortunately, practicing with AdWords requires cash…and lots of it!

PayPerClick is NOT a place for beginners!
Save your money, save your time, and learn web design. Along the way keep studying and practicing with AdWords a little at a time, but don't focus entirely on it as your only method.

From Steve Weber!


The 411 on Info Products & Peeps from my Marketing Mind!

Whew, this world of internet marketing has me in a tail spin some days. Is this all HYPE. I know HYPE and FLUFF...hey, I'm in PR. But this is insane. It's like non-stop infomercials sometimes!

But I am learning from "the superstars" online. I have bought ebooks, listened to teleclasses, been on webinars, read books, and have spent much time on the internet in Ezine articles and following the folks following me on twitter.

I'll let you know in on secret - they're following me and I'm about 15 minutes ahead of them information digestion. And the folks I learned it from probably learned it from their "coach" that day.

Anyway - I'm an old school PR pro with a knack for networking and connecting the dots pretty good. So, I've been "called" to the world of internet market and information products.

I'll still be in the PR biz - I love it and am passionate about helping Christian authors - it's just that I'm doing business so differently, it's kinda scary.

Who do you trust? How do I know if I'm doing this right? Where do I get the juice for my "sqeeze" page? How'd they put that audio in the middle of the page? And where did they find all these "raving fans." Tweet that?

So you see, some of this just plain confusing and some of it is the same ol' thing - and the same ol' folks are recycling this info to newbies like me. (And making million I might add).

So who are some of the folks I've been looking at and saying, "Wow" -

1. Willie Crawford

Joint Venture Broker Willie Crawford

Willie Crawford was raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina,
living off welfare most of his youth. His family was so poor
that he once wore his grandmother’s shoe to school while
working to earn money to replace his only dilapidated pair.
This built a burning desire in Willie to break away from
the poverty and build his own business.

Willie worked his way through college, then joined the Air
Force where he traveled to 47 different countries while serving
as a navigator on C-130 transport aircraft. During that time,
Willie also learned “a little” of five different languages.

In 1996, while still serving in the Air Force in Hawaii,
Willie decided to start his own internet-based business.
By the time he retired in 2003, Willie had built that into
a 6-figure part-time income.

Willie is now one of the world’s leading internet marketing
experts, having spoken at dozens of seminars in the United
States, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K.

Willie has created dozens of information products, written over
1100 articles and 34 ebooks on ecommerce. He’s hosted seminars,
and now hosts his own radio show several times per week.

Willie has an incredible 1600 websites, some of which get over
1 million unique visitors per month.

Willie leverages his knowledge of online marketing, and the
connections that he’s developed over the years to help others
launch products. Willie often serves as a middleman or a
joint venture broker. He’s also Executive Director of The
International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

Willie has written several books including a bestselling
soul food cookbook (featured in The Soul Food Museum in
Atlanta, Georgia), and an inspirational biography, “Git Off
The Porch.”

Willie now enjoys teaching others through his courses,
teleseminars, and live coaching program. You can find more
information on his one-on-one coaching at: Will also do a lot
of group mentoring at The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

When Willie is not busy teaching ecommerce online via The
Internet Marketing Inner Circle, or teaching local businesses
to use the internet to drive more business through their
doors, he enjoys deep sea fishing in The Gulf of Mexico…
not too far from his Florida home.

Please contact Willie via his support desk:

2. Alex Mandossian

Alex Mandossian′s Background

Since 1991, Alex Mandossian has generated over $233 million in sales and profits for his clients and partners via “electronic marketing” media, such as TV Infomercials, online catalogs, 24-hour recorded messages, voice/fax broadcasting, Teleseminars, Webinars, Podcasts and Internet Marketing.

Alex has personally consulted Dale Carnegie Training, NYU, 1ShoppingCart Corp.,, Pinnacle Care, Strategic Coach, Trim Spa and many others.

He has hosted teleseminars with many of the world′s top thought leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, David Allen, Vic Conant, Brian Tracy, David Bach, Harvey Mackay, Robert Cialdini, Harv Eker, Bobbi De Porter, Michael Masterson, Joe Vitale, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Bob Proctor and many others.

He is the CEO of Heritage House Publishing, Inc., a boutique electronic marketing and publishing company that “repurposes” written and spoken educational content for worldwide distribution. He is also the founder of the Electronic Marketing Institute.

Alex has trained over 13,200 teleseminar students since 2002 and claims that practically any entrepreneur can transform their annual income into a weekly income once they apply his principle-centered electronic marketing strategies. (KEY POINT: Alex′s 2001 annual income became an hourly income by 2006, and he has tripled his days off).

He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Aimee, and two children, Gabriel and Breanna and enjoys over 90 “Free Days” each year.

3. Ali Brown

Ali Brown is CEO of Alexandria Brown International Inc., a multimillion dollar company devoted to empowering women around the world with the tools to live the freedom-based lives of their dreams.

Ali's journey into entrepreneurship was a natural one when -- after hopping from job to job in New York City -- she found herself frustrated and unemployable by her nature of always wanting to change things and improve upon them. After deciding to leave her final job in 1998 at a small New York City ad agency, she reviewed her options and chose the opportunity of owning her own business.

Not quite sure what to expect, and without a mentor or role model, Ali took it upon herself to learn what it takes to be successful. She immersed herself in books, audios, and courses on marketing, success, and prosperity. She was especially excited about online marketing because of its dynamic nature, low cost, broad reach, and easy accessibility for everyone.

Using a hand-me-down computer gifted by her younger brother, and working out of her tiny 5th floor walk-up pre-war apartment, she began using the power of online marketing to build her business. She became known as the Ezine Queen™ after becoming extremely adept at marketing her business via email newsletters, or "ezines", garnering her clients like New York Times Digital, Adweek Magazines, Scholastic Books, and Dun & Bradstreet.

When business owners began asking Ali for online marketing advice, she jumped on the opportunity to quickly create and sell her first online information product, an e-book titled Boost Business With Your Own Ezine, which is still one of her best selling training products today. From that moment on, she fast became the foremost authority in driving sales via e-mail publishing.

From there Ali began sharing her complete online marketing and information marketing formulas via products, coaching programs, and her own seminars, which combined have grown into the multimillion dollar company that Ali runs today. Her ezine, "Highlights on Marketing & Success" (formerly "Straight Shooter Marketing"), has over 36,000 subscribers around the world, and she currently has more than 800 solo-entrepreneurs enrolled in her high-energy coaching programs. Her marketing and success training products have helped thousands of them use email and the Internet to leverage their expertise, gain a broader reach, and dramatically increase their incomes.

While Ali's best known for her expertise in marketing, her students share that her biggest impact comes from her philosophy of "designing your business to create an extraordinary life™" — ensuring your business revolves around your own personal values and lifestyle. This, Ali says, is the most important key to bringing a business owner their ultimate wealth and happiness.

Ali most enjoys sharing her message in person, and has spoken on stages around the world, alongside marketing and motivational geniuses including Mark Victor Hansen and Dan Kennedy, sharing her message of empowerment through business. She's also been a guest on hundreds of teleseminars and webinars, sponsored by companies such as Microsoft Live Meeting.

Ali's dynamic businesses have been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine's Business Startups, Singular City magazine, Success for Women magazine, and Personal Success magazine (U.K.). Her marketing and success advice has been featured in the books Entrepreneur Magazine's Start Your Own Information Marketing Business guide (2008, Entrepreneur Press), Birthing the Elephant: A Woman's Go-for-It Guide to Starting and Growing a Successful Business (2008, Ten Speed Press), Mastering Online Marketing (2007, Entrepreneur Press), The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing (2007, Entrepreneur Press), and Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters (2002, Success Showcase Publishing). She has also been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ali herself has been featured on the HGTV network, the "Leading Experts" TV show, and Dan Kennedy's "The Phenomenon" DVD.

Ali's book Power and Soul (2007, Love Your Life Publishing), highlights the stories of herself and 42 of her coaching members on their personal journeys to finding the power within that brought about the success of their dreams.

Ali grew up in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and then lived in Boston and New York through her 20s. Tired of cold winters, she picked up and moved west in 2000. She landed in Los Angeles and discovered she was truly a beach girl at heart. She made a longtime dream come true in 2006 by purchasing a home on the sand in Marina del Rey, California, where she also loves to rollerblade the 20-mile coastal bike path.

Ali loves dancing and music and is currently learning how to D.J. When she's not in SoCal, she's likely visiting her family in Texas, or vacationing in Hawaii or the Caribbean with her girlfriends.

So you see, these folks are serious. I have never met them and they are not on TV but they are on the internet making bank! Delivering information and making millions.

Well, I just invited myself to the party. Want to come? I'll be featuring more of the IM moguls and telling you what I discover and "figure out" and how to do what they do.

Ministry marketing pioneer and PR Coach Pam Perry helps African American Christian authors garner publicity and leverage online strategies. As a 20-year PR veteran, she is also the co-author of “Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry.” For a free MP3 of “What Every Author Should Know,” go to She’s also the creator of the, a social network for Christian authors and the Chocolate Pages Show at She offers free help at her blogsite: with her monthly Ezine and teleclasses.

Visit me at too! And stay tuned here and let me now how you're going to Figuring it all out too.

My big clue I have learned from all of them: You gotta love 'em. You gotta put yourself "out there" and be everywhere on the new. So follow me in twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, plaxo, UNYK, thousands of nings, wordpress, blogger, Joombla and our course Blogtalk and YOUtube.

Top Ten Ways to Attract Targeted Local Customers With Online Marketing

Does your business have a Web site? Have you missed the idea that it can be your 24/7 virtual marketing machine? Do you wonder how it could bring you minions more customers and clients to your "brick and mortar" location?

The biggest mistake local businesses make is not using the Internet to let potential customers and clients know who they are, who they can be by offering valuable content to attract them back again and again, and why they are the first choice over their competition.

Did you know that many of your local potential customers will Google your Web name or your name to see what you offer and how you may be their choice over others? Today people are much more Internet savvy. You need to speak to them.

Building traffic to your Web site to market it needs you to install proper content and sales messages on it as well as other tried and true Online promotion methods such as submitting articles and creating a blog.

FACT: You have only 10 seconds to attract your potential customers and get him to stay long enough to show them your business is his best choice.

How's your Web Site Doing?

Take the "Check and Correct Quiz" below to see if your Web site measures up. After your input what you don't know will be clearer. If you want your Web site to be more effective, stay open and learn how they can put more money in your checking account each month.

Answer these questions to see if you are on track or need a professional partner to help you get the necessary marketing language and content on your site to bring targeted traffic. Realize the spiders of the search engines comb sites daily looking for good key word, free information, and power writing sales content.

Did You Know Your Web site Needs...?

_____1. A sales letter (short or long) for each product or service you offer. You need to give your visitors a reason to buy from you.

_____2. Benefit driven headlines on your home page to attract people to your sales messages. Drop your announcements because they bore. Make your visitor's mouths water, their skin tingle, and their eyes receive a positive picture of how they will be after they use you. Make your headlines on your home page and in your sales letters sizzle and seduce to get them to call you and come to your office.

_____3. Testimonials from former clients and customers

_____4. Less bio and credentials on the home page because your customer wants to know "what's in it for me?" Put this information on your Contact or About Me page.

_____5. Less telling and more engaging the visitor to stay (they leave immediately if they don't see benefits and valuable content that answers their concerns). Forget the brochure-style home page.

_____6. A preplan naming the top two to three focuses you want to attract customers to, who your target market is, and your Web site's contacts and money goals.

_____7. Much more "You" centered information such as benefits or short tips and articles

_____8. Acknowledgment and answers for your visitor's concerns, problems or challenges. These hook your Web visitor to pick up the phone to call you.

_____9. Proven strategies that get people to your site to include writing and submitting short articles to other Web sites and ezines, exchanging links, a blog page for your customer to interact with you and get questions answered, and many more.javascript:void(0)

____10. A willingness to take the time and spend the money to make your Web site work. Without this, your site will languish with inactivity.

When you don't know what you don't know, your site just sits there with no one to play with. Your brick and mortar business sits there too. Now that you do know more than you did, take a leap of faith and know that you too can learn how to make your Web site shine and bring people right to your business address. Find yourself a good professional Internet marketing person, read books on the topic or take a teleclass or seminar to boost your skills. Partner with a professional who can make your journey so much shorter, with fewer mistakes, and help you enjoy your business more.

Judy Cullins ©2005 All Rights Reserved.

Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with small business people who want to make a difference in people's lives, build their credibility and clients, and make a consistent life-long income. Judy is author of 10 eBooks including Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast, Ten Non-Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online, The Fast and Cheap Way to Explode Your Targeted Web Traffic, and Power Writing for Web Sites That Sell. She offers free help through her 2 monthly ezines, "The BookCoach Says...," "Business Tip of the Month," blog Q & A at and over 170 free articles. Learn from the best, Join Judy for her teleseminar on January 22

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