Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Viral Videos For List Building !

All experience marketers know the old adage that “the money is in the list."

Network marketers have developed contact lists in many different ways over the years. Generally a sign up form is offered with a free giveaway. Someone simply fills out the form with a name and e-mail address to “opt in” to the autoresponder and the free giveaway is provided to them. In return for that, they generally understand that they have granted permission for whoever made the offer to follow up with other e-mails with other offers.

Several years ago the singular e-mail opt-in was taken a step further when software was developed that asked the first recipient to forward the offer to 4-5 of there friends in order to qualify for the free giveaway, or perhaps even a very low priced offering. Hence, list building became viral, meaning that a single e-mail to a single individual could be multiplied in a near exponential manner as each level of opt-ins continued to forward the offer to even more people.

The Web 2.0 World

Of course the latest to trend in the network and internet marketing community is the Web 2.0 world of blogs, YouTube, Twitter and the like. The use of videos in various social networks in order to communicate and establish a following with the subscribers has become ubiquitous. The net result of all this is that seemingly the most effective way to communicate with potential subscribers, or even to acquire subscribers and customers these days is probably through the use of videos.

Videos have a number of advantages, including the ability to present yourself as a sincere and a knowledgeable person in a face-to-face way. A potential subscriber or customer is more likely to buy from someone they they feel like they know.

So consequently, it’s almost imperative these days that you use the video medium in order to communicate with potential prospects to turn them into eventual customers.

The New Viral Video World

Interestingly, a new video software system to build a contact list and potentialcustomer list virally has been introduced. Internet guru Joel Therien, CEO, is in the process of launching very easy to use video building software called Easy Video Producer that has the potential to be a very effective way of generating contacts in a viral manner.

This system is unique because the software itself is being offered as the free giveaway for this video “tell-a-friend” system. Essentially, the system will offer you free and extraordinarily easy to use video generating software that builds and posts your personally produced video and information capture form on a website or blog. A contact management system is included with the free offer as well.

The viral concept is that you would then attract traffic to introduce yourself to the prospect in a more personal way, offering them the opportunity to opt in and use the same free software that you used to prepare the video. The prospect and new contact would in turn use his free new system to attract even more potential contacts for his list and yours as well.

As in the earlier e-mail systems, the originator of the viral distribution of the free software would have access to every subscriber in the levels below him. So, what is offered is a system that provides a free and very simple (even a cave man could do it) method of posting videos to the internet that have a specific purpose of giving away additional software in a viral manner to capture a fast growing network of contacts with whom you can continue to build a relationship.

The Issues I See

The problems with this system are not dissimilar from those in other earlier systems of using free giveaways to build a list. . You first must be able to get your video in front of an audience and in order for them to subscribe, and they in turn must have an audience to subscribe in order for the system to work effectively. It can probably be most effectively used by someone who already has a subscriber list and wants to expand it rapidly.

Another potential negative is that the the new contacts you generate with this list, both directly and indirectly, are not yet buyers and it’s likely that many of them will have no interest in your particular marketing niche. Proper strategy of course is to build credibility over time through a series of value adding free offers that are designed to help categorize their interests. Only then should you move on to the stage of offering them the opportunity to buy your stuff.

This new easy video producer software system appears to offer a simple and easy, no cost way for the experienced, and particularly the relatively inexperienced non-technical networker to make effective use of videos for viral list building, and business promotion.

Written by Rich Keesling
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How to Become Wealthy in Network Marketing - Secrets to MLM Success

This is a simple overview of what it will take if you want to become wealth from your network marketing opportunity.

How to Become Wealthy in Network Marketing - Secrets to MLM Success

#1- Put 90% of your focus on marketing and sales. There are lots of little details you can get bogged down in when it comes to growing a lucrative home business. The sad truth is that most business owners put their focus on tasks that don't make them money. What does make money? Marketing, prospecting and selling. This is where your focus needs to be if you want to make money. If you are ever confused about where to put your energy, always come back to the question, 'is the task at hand directly related to making money for my business?' If the answer is no, then it's likely not a top priority.

#2-Learn Attraction Marketing- For over 90% of the network marketers in the world, their only real hope for becoming financially free is through attraction marketing. Most home business owners are not very interested in getting out of their comfort zone and pitching their business opportunity to friends, family and strangers. They aren't very keen on cold calling leads they have purchased from the internet.

Attraction marketing is a process of using web 2.0 technology to position yourself as an expert which attracts ideal prospects to you. You set yourself up as a trusted leader who can help other networkers succeed. When people sense that you are a 'go to' professional in the indsustry, many of them will want to join you in your opportunity. On the front end, you offer them resources and tools to grow their business. You earn commissions by being an affiliate on the front end of your prospecting, then you recruit them into your organization on the back end to create residual income.

Attraction marketing is an incredibly effective way to effortlessly magnetize to you. Most of the 7 figure earners in the industry are using this approach. (See )

#3-Create an online marketing process that you stick with consistently. This process should include blogging, article marketing, PPC, video marketing, twitter, facebook, and social bookmarking. This process puts you in front of literally millions of prospects from around the world. If you want to become wealthy through network marketing, you'll need to generate at least 50 leads per day which will take a combination of various marketing strategies. If you are generating 50 leads per day and you are doing attraction marketing, you should be making a solid 6 figure income through both affiliate marketing and through your primary company.

This is the blueprint for creating true success and financial freedom in the MLM industry. Focus on your marketing, position yourself as a leader, and stick with the same marketing process every day until you hit your goals.

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Kevin Doherty is an author and online marketing and business coach who helps network marketers create lucrative businesses through cutting edge internet marketing and social media strategies.

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No funds to publish a book right now? Do an Ebook!

Ten Facts About eBooks

1. E-Books are digital files that contain all of the same information as a traditional book.

2. You do not have to publish a traditional book to have an E-Book.

3. E-Books are most commonly in PDF form.

4. They are usually between 4-200+ pages.

5. They are delivered to the reader by email or they can be viewed at your website.

6. Readers can print out the book or read it on their computer.

7. There are no printing or warehouse expenses.

8. They can be written and delivered quickly to the audience.

9. Changes and updates can rapidly be made.

10. They are marketed through a variety of online and offline techniques.

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This powerful new course will show you step-by-step how to create your very own e-Book,  and make a ton of money selling it online...

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Business Growth Seminar using Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

Don’t Let Your Profits Lag Behind…

“Discover How To Skyrocket Your Business Growth With Social Networking Sites Such As Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter”

Dear Friend,
If you want to join thousands of internet entrepreneurs and skyrocket your profits online by mastering the most popular Social Networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, then this is by far the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s how:

You’ve probably noticed the world is quickly changing from the industrial to the technical industry. This means people are moving from manufacturing work, which was popular throughout 1990’s, to the ever-growing world of the internet.

Why? Because the internet is the largest market place in the world, with billions of buyers and sellers all coming together to exchange goods and services for cold-hard cash. And, if you’re not capitalizing on the internet… you will be left behind!

How Much Money Can Be Made Online?

Well, let's just say the opportunities are… unlimited. The reason why the ability to grow your business online is so profitable is because the only thing an online business owner has to do is place their products or services in areas where your most targeted network of customers hang out.

And, when you constantly market to a group of targeted buyers, your profits will start rolling in like… clockwork!

Well, let's just say the opportunities are… unlimited. The reason why the ability to grow your business online is so profitable is because the only thing an online business owner has to do is place their products or services in areas where your most targeted network of customers hang out.

And, when you constantly market to a group of targeted buyers, your profits will start rolling in like… clockwork!

Where Do Targeted Buyers Hang Out?

People interested in what you’ve got to offer search the search engines ones like Google, Bing, Yahoo in addition to you can usually find them on Social Networking sites. In the online world, Social Networking is the way users build online networks of contacts and interact with these personal or business friends in a secured environment. Some of the most popular Social Networking sites include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and MySpace.

The secret behind making Social Networking a beneficial source for any business is to become proficient at the technical side of how these platforms work, so you can build the MOST business connections in the LEAST amount of time. And, when you establish a nice list, you’ll be able to promote to them like crazy.

When we tell people about the unlimited possibilities available on from using Social Networking sites, to grow a business their eyes grow wide. What we also noticed was that their confidence soon faltered. The main reason is because people don't have a clue as to how to make the Social Networking sites work for them. Inorder to grow your online and offline business you need to have a presence in the Social Networking world.

That’s why we at Tech Club CPR have come together to help individuals, just like you, with dreams of finding financial freedom via the internet. To get to know us better, here’s a small intro on all the instructors of the program.

Charles T. Harper, M.B.A . - Internet Marketing Consultant of Gain Mind Share

Charles currently practices in the Hershey, Harrisburg and Central PA areas as an internet consultant. He’s also been a trained Online College Professor since 1994, winning an innovative teaching award.
Currently, Charles is an internet marketer and owns a marketing consultant firm. So, the idea of being involved in a team that helps others grow and reach their online endeavors has always been a priority for him.

Pam Perry - Marketing and PR Coach - Ministry Marketing Solutions

Pam Perry is best known as the “PR Guru” and “Marketing Whiz” by the national media such as Detroit Free Press and Publishers Weekly.

Perry has arguably been one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Her career serves as a notable example of the potency that personally handled promotion has acquired in the mass media. Perry’s rise in the wrangling world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. Learning the business from the inside out, Perry became a PR agent and eventually formed her own firm, BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization for African Americans in the media.

Although partners came and went over the course of two decades, Perry remained a constant. Earning her clout in the industry, Perry has been instrumental in assembling a clientele list: clients over the years have included McDonald's, Ford Motors, Joy of Jesus and The Salvation Army to name a few. Currently, she does public relations for the publishing industry and is a PR Coach for self-published Christian authors. Perry has placed clients on media such as TBN, Daystar, Harvest Show, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Essence, Ebony, Black Enterprise, Jet and countless others.

Her work has also appeared in Gospel Today magazine, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, CBA Marketplace Magazine, Precious Times Magazine, Michigan Front Page and The Christian Communicator.

Perry’s greatest attention is devoted to her clients, who value her for exalting their talents. This management style has enabled Perry to carve a niche for herself amidst the morass of media marketing.

Ralph Claxton - Technology Coach, Broadcast Text Owner

As a real estate investor, Ralph started his own empire that made a huge transition to the internet world where Ralph became a coach. He saw that many of the programs out there lacked the ability to show people the technical side of how to make money online.

After making this discovery, Ralph dug deeper and created a product that taught online business strategies from the beginning, using technical skills and teaching his students profitable, inside techniques, in simple, laymen terms.

When he started out in internet marketing, Ralph discovered his own problems.

“I was having challenges finding how to implement certain technical parts of setting up my blog and website , and I noticed other folks were having the same problem too. I started looking for how to videos that show me what to do, and there weren't many. So, I began to make recordings and video recordings on the things that I learned how to do and stored them on my computer. When people would ask me how to do this or how to do that, I would send them that recording to teach them what I learned, and then I got to thinking that this needs to be bigger!”

This is what sparked Ralph’s passion to coach and share with the world, through the internet. "He's often said "the internet has evened the playing field when it comes to making that making money".

The Tech Club CPR Boot Camp Can Show You How To Get An “EDGE” Over Other Online Business Owners

Tech Club CPR Boot camp is a seminar that show you how to implement the technical side of Social Networking in order to get an “edge” over other internet marketer's. You’ll discover important backend strategies absent in other programs.

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By knowing these strategies, you’ll be shown, hands-on, where to play and how to play the game of Social Networking.

You’ll discover....

· How to master every technique needed to become an advanced internet marketing money-making machine.

· All the tricks, tips, and secret techniques used to easily navigate the internet like a pro.

· How to use Social Networking to earn a hefty income with popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

· How to build a stable online business just by following along with a few video tutorials.

· And much more!

Through Tech Club CPR, you’ll also get to:

· Learn how to use your personal computer and the full power of the internet to generate multiple streams of income!

· Exploit social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Blackplanet, Digg, and more!

· Use YouTube, Google, Ning and other sources to increase traffic to your blogs or affiliate links!

· Utilize CPA networks, Clickbank, Commission-Junction and E-Junkie to maximum effect!

And So Much More!!!!

You’ll get first-hand experience on how well our seminar will cater to you no matter what your background or computer knowledge, from beginner to the advanced level. Best of all, our seminars specialize in showing YOU these valuable resources without all the techno-speak commonly found in other courses.

Just hear and see what a few of our previous seminar attendants have said.

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Listen, you’ve seen what other people are saying about our programs. In a nutshell, they’re saying our seminar is like going to a 12 hour seminar with the most affluent money-making coaches around the world - and you’re the only attendee!

You should know, a regular seminar hosting with this kind of caliber of social media experts would easily cost up to $3,000 per seat. And that’s in the nose bleed section. But, we’re happily giving you an opportunity to grab a seat at the Tech Club CPR Boot Camp for only $397.

The reason why our price is so low is because our passion is to help other business owners grow and succeed. And, when you become a success, we are a success.

But, before moving forward and passing this information to your friends, we must stress that this offer is limited to only 25 seats. We like small sessions because it gives you a more “personal” training feel. So, unfortunately, after the 25th’seat is taken, this offer will close.

But, for the first 25 people to sign up, you’ll get your own VIP seats, where there’ll be no interruptions - just you and the speaker lineup.

So, when you compare the price of $397 to any other way imaginable to hear these amazing internet wealth experts speak, you’ll see the price we’re asking you is…pennies. Now, I’m sure you can be one of the lucky 25 to jumpstart your business, so you never have to worry about money ever again.

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You see, we made the mistake of promoting this seminar much sooner than we were able to complete everything. So, we had people lined up to order. Our phone was ringing off the hook for weeks, so we went ahead and let a few people preorder, but we weren’t prepared for such a huge turn out.

We are trying to hold on to spots for people who order through this sales letter.

The reason why we didn’t make more seats available is because we wanted the presentation to be exclusive to only those serious about making big leaps in their online business. Why only serious business owners and entrepreneurs?

Because, in this terrible economic state, they’re the ones who know that they need all the valuable information they can get to ensure their business continues to thrive and take action when something of value comes along.

So, I’m sure you won’t hesitate to take us up on such an incredibly low, once-in-a-lifetime offer.

But Wait!

After thinking about the economy and how many people it’s affecting, we’ve talked about it and decided to offer an early bird special for those who are serious about learning powerful information that will help their business grow - NOW!

So, for the next two weeks, you can get into the boot camp for ONLY $197!

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Tech Club CPR Bootcamp
October 17th 2009

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The Tech Club CPR

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Robert T. Kiyosaki Body Magic: Get rich, get thin -- or get real?

Body Magic: Get rich, get thin -- or get real?
By Jessica Ravitz


ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN)
-- The company name flashed and swirled around the darkened convention hall as the music began to pump.

"Money money money money, money! Money money money money, money!"

A man dressed in designer duds strutted across the stage to the tune of The O'Jays' 1970s hit, now the theme song for "The Apprentice."

"If you want to get paid, you've got to get up on your feet," he called out. "They say money doesn't grow on trees. Well, I've got a money tree in my backyard, and Ardyss planted it there!"

With that the faithful rose and hollered, the applause crescendoed, and the smiles - and dreams - spread wide. See how the sales pitch works »

Few issues pique public interest more than opportunities to make money and achieve beauty. The estimated 3,000 people from around the country who streamed into the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta in early August were a testament to that.

They came to rally around Ardyss International, a Las Vegas, Nevada-based direct sales company that makes a fortune off undergarments.

Body Magic, the company's flagship girdle-and-corset combo, which retails for $140 plus tax and shipping, can "bring your butt back to high school fine," the man on stage announced.

You can wear it and get thin, the claims go, or you can sell it and get rich.
The company's other products include the Angel Bra, Panty Reshaper, undergarments for men, nutritional supplements and skin-care items.

Think Mary Kay cosmetics. That's the kind of multilevel or network marketing model on which Ardyss is based. Distributors can make money through sales. But they can make even more from profit cuts and bonuses that float to the top if they recruit other distributors, who in turn recruit other distributors, and so on and so on.

"I've only been involved for two months, and I have a check with a comma in it," said Robbyn Washington of Snellville, Georgia.

While many such companies are legitimate, others smack of pyramid schemes, prompting legal disputes and investigations by consumer protection agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC has no complaints about Ardyss International on file. But the Better Business Bureau, with which Ardyss is not accredited, has given the company an F rating, saying 16 complaints over the past 36 months have gone unanswered. An Ardyss executive and spokesman, Mike Potillo, told CNN the company wasn't aware of these complaints and would be in touch with the BBB to clear this up.

As is the case with all multilevel marketing ventures, no matter what they're selling, experts say consumers and prospective distributors should proceed with caution.

'Say whatever you want'

The Body Magic motto is emblazoned on T-shirts, pins and bumper stickers: "Drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes."

Proponents say it can create hourglass curves, shaving off inches and weight permanently.

"Every eight seconds a woman looks in the mirror and wants to be smaller," said Dorothy Cook, who's often credited for making the business, founded in Mexico, a multilevel marketing hit in the United States. "Once you wear it and take it off, you lose inches. Every woman must have one."

Sonja King, 38, did not attend the convention but said she's worn her Body Magic about four days a week for the past two months. The Atlanta-area woman said she has seen results but wonders whether it's because she can barely eat when she wears it.

"It's not comfortable," she said with a laugh. "But I had to go to a formal affair recently, and that Body Magic came in handy. I was slammin' in that dress!"

Beyond looking good, distributors raved about improved posture, a claim that left chiropractor Robert Hayden uneasy. The Griffin, Georgia, man, who hadn't examined the garment, said he's seen the atrophied muscles of those who've relied too much on simple lumbar support belts.

"The muscles that hold you erect will have no need to work," if worn with regularity, he said. "They'll go to mush."

More striking, however, were the medical claims distributors made about Ardyss garments and Le' Vive, the company's top-selling nutritional product.

They ascribed restored bladder control and diverted surgeries to Body Magic. One distributor lifted her blouse to reveal not only the über-girdle but also her Angel Bra, which she said can protect a woman from breast cancer. Many thanked Body Magic for putting their organs "back in place."

The stories passed around of those saved by Le' Vive, a drink said to be rich in antioxidants, included tales about warding off diabetes and arthritis. But distributors also said a woman was cured of Bell's palsy. Another, they said, had Lupus, was given six months to live and is now in remission. And then there was the unnamed blind man who distributors claimed began to see.

"Someone said that to you?" asked an audibly stunned Potillo, the Ardyss executive who oversees the American market.

In a written response sent later, Potillo said the company "makes no health claims, medical claims or any type of claims on any of our products in any way. ... If someone has made a claim on one of our products, we have internal policies and procedures in place to deal with that."

The issue of distributors saying what they shouldn't is one of the biggest challenges in multilevel or network marketing operations, said Peter Mingils, president of the Distributor Rights Association, a Texas-based nonprofit that works on behalf of multilevel marketers.

"Even though you're an independent contractor, it doesn't mean you can say whatever you want," he said.* (SEE ARTICLE BELOW)

It's this enthusiasm, however, that drives the company's success, said Clark Howard, the HLN money expert.

"If people really believe in it themselves, and they go out and convince others, then that is in itself a legitimate multilevel" marketing business, he said. "If people are making false promises about a product or service, then that comes out in the wash."

The hope, the dream

Antonio Díaz de León, the Ardyss founder and president, walked into the convention center where he and his family were treated like rock stars, eliciting gasps as cell phone cameras came out.

In the past six months the business has grown by 600 percent and 100,000 active distributors, Díaz de León, a native of Mexico, said through a translator.
"We've changed many lives," he said. "Families are getting financial freedom."

In times of recession, interest in these kinds of business opportunities spikes, Howard, the HLN money expert, said.

"It doesn't matter what the product is, what the service is, you always have the same thing: People talking about the hope, the dream and the money," he said.

Dorothy Cook, draped in jewelry, wouldn't say how much she earns. At last count, though, she claimed she had nearly 80,000 distributors in her downline. Another "platinum president," the highest level that can be achieved in this business where everyone has a title, said thanks to her downline of 15,000 distributors, she is bringing home more than $55,000 a month. One can only only assume Cook, nicknamed "The Godmother," makes more.

"All you have to do is get here, and God will do the rest," she told a group at the convention.

But Potillo, of Ardyss, which includes about 140,000 active distributors, said it's not that easy and called Cook's earnings "an extraordinary experience, not the norm."

Tempered with reality

To become a distributor, people are encouraged to buy a starter kit for $299.
"If you have to borrow the money, do what it takes," Donna Bingham told a group that gathered recently in an Alpharetta, Georgia, home. "The only way [the business] doesn't work is if you don't work."

That line of encouragement made law professor Stephen Calkins wary.
"Anytime you're asked to part with hard-earned money in order to ask other people to part with hard-earned money, you should be very nervous," said Calkins of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He served for several years as the general counsel for the FTC during the Clinton Administration.

Calkins suggested any prospective multilevel distributor consult tip sheets to analyze the credibility of a company first. The FTC has a consumer alert, as does the Direct Selling Association.

Excitement about these opportunities needs to be tempered with reality, Howard said. While the "pep rally" may make people think they're all in line to make $20,000 a month, he said that's not how these businesses play out.

"There will always be a small number of people who hit grand slam homeruns virtually every day. But most everybody else will make little or nothing, and usually many will actually lose," he said. "Don't believe it's paved in gold. There are a lot of speed bumps and a lot of dead ends."

------------ *Now, here's what I know for sure:

Five things to do to BRAND your best life & be a success in YOUR Network Marketing Business by Pam Perry

Own your dreams. Walk by faith. Live the abundant life.
It's time to be bold and get that "water walking" faith.

Don't stay stuck in a rut. Move to the next level & be a success by doing these following five things:

1. Listen and do what your mentors say. It could be a personal mentor or a business mentor. You can also get advice and instruction from your pastor or by reading an inspirational book. Authors provide a wealth of information - and Christian authors may be the vehicles God uses to get information to you.

2. Be teachable. You can learn from everyone. Never get too haughty to receive from others. The more you are willing to learn - the more people will share with you. If you seem like a know-it-all, you will be left out of key conversations and events that could change your life. Always be willing to build a bridge and tear down a wall. Don't limit God - He's trying to get the best to you. Stop resisting the better life.

3. Write your Vision. Keep a journal and make it your best friend. Most successful people record their ideas, thoughts and plans. Post your goals up and visualize your future by cutting out photos that are what you see in your future. You will gravitate towards your most dominant thoughts and images that are kept in front of you. The more details you write of your vision - the more likely you will experience the manifestation.

4. Stay free of jealousy.
Don't be a hater. If someone has what you've desired to - celebrate him or her. If someone is doing what you'd like to do - offer your support. Don't hate, celebrate. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Those who you celebrate you will duplicate. Success breeds success.

5. Keep your word. The faithful man will abound in blessings. Stay committed to the promises you make to yourself. Don't over promise or create unrealistic expectations - make progress by sticking to your plan and working your plan. Being consistent and dependable are God-like qualities that lead you to where you want to go. Remember that the race is not necessarily won by the swift but by those who endure until the end.

Stay in it to win it!

"All you have to do is get here, and God will do the rest," she told a group at the convention.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Offsite Optimization Tips to Increase Web Traffic and Rankings (guest blog)

If you really want to improve your search engine optimization and place at the top of search engine listings for your targeted keywords, you need to also focus on offsite optimization. You can begin by including these three words into your SEO vocabulary: Relevance, Competition, and Links.

Know Your Search Engine Listing Competition

After you find your long-tailed, targeted, niche keyword, do your own search with it! Type it into the search engine and see the pages already listed in the top ten spots. Look for the following:

1. Relevance
Do the pages and descriptions match the market you wish to target? If not, stop right there, you need to rephrase your keyword or find another that reflects your audience and topic. Search engines will not allow your page to rise in the listing if it does not fit into its already defined topic. This allows you to see how the search engine treats specific phrases and categories so you can optimize accordingly. Why bother pulling in visitors who do not want your information or services anyway?

2. Domain Types
If you see the top ten littered with .edu's, .gov's, major news sites like CNN, MSNBC, and other extremely high traffic domains, reconsider. You most likely will not be able to compete with these authorities because the search engines treat them with great regard. You will need to find a new keyword phrase with less high profile competitors.

3. Inbound Links
You can get an estimate of how many inbound links a page receives by typing the entire URL of the page in Google or Yahoo! with "link:" in front of it - "". You want to be in the top three spots for a keyword phrase and if the pages in the current top three receive loads of inbound links, you will either need to generate more than the other guy, or move on to a new keyword. First starting out it will be difficult to quickly build your domain strength and inbound links, so finding targeted niche keywords, with very low competition, becomes essential. Why compete when you can steal the spot away instantly just by placing a more optimized page in the bunch?

Note: finding out whether a page or website receives a high amount of traffic can be a challenge in itself. PageRank, Alexa, QuantCast, and like programs can give you an idea, but often can be inaccurate. Feeling these services out and knowing your own relative traffic will give you an idea of your competitiveness.

Start Building that Link Love!

Learning about your competition helps with offsite optimization because you gain an understanding of your relative position online and who you can stand up against and where you might need to back off. But offsite optimization and building up your pages in search engine listings really boils down to one thing - links. Not any type of links though, relevant links, links from other pages that resemble references, that match content-wise and fit into the same category as your pages and business.

You probably already ran into a few types of links online - inbound links, backlinks, or exchanged links. In the end, they all mean the same thing, a link from someone else's page to one of your pages.

Links to your pages from other sources serve as your search engine score card. The more link love you get, the more people link to you, the higher your status will be with an engine. If you out-score the other guy, you will pass them in the listings, just like in a tournament or game.

Building these links can be an enigma at times, but if you implement these strategies, you'll be off to a good start:

1. Article Marketing
Write short articles (500 words goes a long way) and informational pieces that directly relate to content on your site. Place these articles at high traffic publication sites like EzineArticles, HubPages, Squidoo, and WordPress for free! Include a few links back to one or more of your pages on your site and boom, you just created an inbound link.

2. Link Exchange with Relevant Websites
Find websites in your field that do not compete directly with your business, but fall into your market. Ask them to link to you and let them know you will do the same. Make sure they place these links on pages rich in content.

3. Be the Expert
Who knows your field better than you? Start following blogs in your market and become a member of other related resource sites. Comment on articles, publications, and postings, adding in your two cents. Then, if they allow, add a link back to one of your pages.

Aim for Organic

By now you need to know that the Internet serves as a hub for free information. If you plan to do business online, you need to engage in the progressive idea of giving. The more you give, the more you'll receive. If you already optimized your own pages with rich content and targeted keywords, then the six techniques listed here for offsite optimization should serve you well.

But do not forget your ultimate goal - organic optimization. You want people to voluntarily link to you, share your pages, and spread your message. You'll only achieve this through true relevance, if your advice and services meet the needs of people and add additional value to their lives. This may sound like an egalitarian endeavor and not very business-like at all, but do not assume conducting business online to be the same type of monster you're use to, it's more like a big teddy bear.

For more SEO advice, check out these Google Listing Tips and Tricks to Avoid.

You can also read up on why ASP will not effect your SEO, despite others' rumors and fears.

Article Source:

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How To Choose Very Strong Passwords That Are Easy To Remember

What makes a password strong is the combination of different alphanumeric, special characters, and capitalization that you use, and of course the length of the password.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to remember and type an epistle when I fill out a password field. And, ideally, I don't want to use the same password on many sites, because if one is compromised then my entire life is unlocked.

I want to show you here how to choose very strong passwords for every website that you use, that are different for each website, and are each only 9 characters in length max.

A study found that an 8-character password that's constructed in the manner I'm going to show you has 7.2 quadrillion different combinations, and will take 83.5 days to crack if the hacker can try 1 billion different passwords per second.

Step 1: Pick 2 Starting Characters

To make it easy to remember, all your passwords are going to start with the same characters. But these are not just any characters. Pick 2 characters from the list of special characters that you see above the numbers on your keyboard and to the left of the Enter key.

These characters are: ~`!@#$%^&*()_-+={}[]:;"'<>?/|\

Pick any two of them as your password starting characters. To show you an example as you read through the steps, let's pick $ and % (pick your own two).

In my example, all my passwords are going to start with $%.

Step 2: Pick 2 Ending Characters

In exactly the same way as above, pick two different special characters that will be at the end of your passwords. Don't pick the same characters as your starting characters.

For the purposes of my example, let's pick * and ^. Hence, all my passwords are going to end with *^.

Step 3: Construct The Middle Part Using The Website Name

This is the fun part. Take the first 6 characters of the website domain name where you want to use the password. If the domain name is shorter than 6 characters, then use the full domain name.

In my example, let's create a password

The first 6 characters of the domain name is "micros".

Now we're going to substitute some characters and capitalize others.

Substitute the following characters: a becomes @, e becomes 3, i becomes 1, o becomes 0, and u becomes ^.

Now we have "m1cr0s".

Now, decide on a standard for yourself regarding which character(s) you're going to capitalize.

For this example, let's say we're always going to capitalize the 3rd consonant.

So now we have "m1cR0s".

The next step is to drop the last character ("s" in our case), and append the Ending Characters (*^) that you picked in Step 2.

Our password is now "m1cR0*^".

The last step is to add the Starting Characters (Step 1) to the beginning of the password.

The final password is "$%m1cR0*^".

A Few More Examples

Domain:, Password: "$%tw1Tt*^".
Domain:, Password: "$%tw33T*^".
Domain:, Password: "$%f@c3B*^".
Domain: Password: "$%3b@*^"


Pick your own 2 starting characters and your own 2 ending characters, don't just use the same ones I used in the example.

In addition, make your own capitalization rule (you can capitalize more than 1 character if you want to.

You can also use more than the first 6 characters of the domain name if you want to. It just means your passwords will be slightly longer.

Is This Password Strong?

Yes, it is very strong. With this method you're potentially using any of 30 special characters, 10 numerals, and 26 lower case and 26 uppercase characters.

Unless a hacker happens to have a water-cooled supercomputer in his briefcase, he will not be able to crack your password.

Making It Even Stronger

If you're concerned that some hackers might know about this password construction method, simply pick 3 starting characters and/or 3 ending characters, or as many as you like. Any slight variation of the method makes your passwords even more secure.


This password construction method was designed by Sammie, a person with a brilliant technical mind.

Guest blog post by:

Dewald Pretorius

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chocolate Pages Show is HOT

Had to be a way to create some videos. You know I hate when someone knows how to do something - and they don't want to share how they did it! This tool is awesome - and I'm gonna tell everyone! Animoto is great! I'm figuring it out now!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joomla Training 1

I got someone to install I have to learn how to work. Didn't know that was a separate cost? Doesn't the person who put it in at least show you how to work it? I asked for 20 minutes on some basic instructions......and I got another bill.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Commentary of Social Marketing

Is this guy wrong? He says internet marketing people are scams!!! what? Weigh in. He called these guys sleeezy.

He called it "Legalized Stealing" - he was deep.

Can Anyone Say, TMI – Too much Information!

No one has a simple life anymore. The information age has turned into information overload. Endless internet, never-to-get-away-from cell phones and the addictive gadgets – Blackberrys! (My husband calls these “Crackberrys” because one can get addicted to non-stop email checking and text messaging.)

We have more stuff to keep us organized and on top of things, but are constantly feeling like we can’t keep up. This creates stress (especially those who are wanna-be perfectionists like me.)

I have found that being a wife, mother and entrepreneur involves some major strategies and wisdom from God. The type of life I desire has to be woven with care and prayer – constantly!

Here are some steps to keep you moving in the right direction this year:

1. Command your morning
. If you can’t get a handle on your morning, your days will skid off the tracks too. If you can manage your day, you can manage your life. Start your morning off speaking positive, faith-filled words over your day. A couple good books to get to guide you: “Commanding Your Morning” by Cindy Trimm or “Confession: The Key to Purposeful Living” by Stacia Pierce.

2. Be a list person. Carry a notebook with you to record thoughts and have a journal handy during your prayer time to write down instructions that you hear God telling you to do. While waiting in lines, pull out your pad and make lists of details you need to take care of. This helps you see the big picture for your life because the small details are on paper and not taking up space in your brain that you can use for more creative strategies.

3. Create systems. Standardize the way you do your daily life – how you grocery shop, order office supplies, retrieve mail/email, pay bills, remember Birthdays, run errands, etc. Set regular appointments for hair, nails and “dates” with friends and family. There’s enough hours in the day to do all we need to do if we make some tasks “automatic” and stick to our schedules.

4. Learn to say no. Once you make your list, created your system, have your plan in place and working it – don’t get sidetracked by other folks “drama.” Yes, sometimes there will be “divine” interventions but not all day long. Be a doer of your own word to yourself and keep your promises to others.

5. Stop doing everything yourself!
Wonder woman was a cartoon! Retire that cape and ask for help. Quit trying to do so much at one time too. We are humans not a machine. Get help from family. Involve them in your business or ask them to pick up the slack at home. Get support from friends. If there are things you really hate to do and a friend doesn’t mind, barter! Do something she needs done in exchange of what you need done.

Finally, but not least, enjoy your life. Add some fun and simple pleasures to your life everyday! Even if it just getting some big fluffy slippers and robe and leafing through a magazine at the end of day or lighting candles or singing in the shower or car – enjoy your life – when Mama’s happy – everybody’s happy.

Pam Perry, chief visionary and bottle washer at Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc. in Farmington, Mich. Visit her at and get her Synergy Energy Podcasts!

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EzineArticles: Submit Your Press Releases to Through Your EzineArticles Account

Did you know you can submit your Press Releases to our sister site ( via your EzineArticles account?

Here’s a brand new video that walks you through how to submit your 1st Press Release:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Power to Create Profits - Marketing Momentum

Here, the entire process of online money making is divided into a few steps. They are as follows:

• Mentally prepare yourself: You and I both know that getting rich over night is never going to happen. Whether you like or not, you have to accept the fact that you will fail many a times. But these failures will teach you what not to do while making money online. So be mentally prepared for everything, be it good or bad that may come your way.

• Work hard: no shortcuts work when it comes to achieving success; you have to work hard and there are no two ways about it.

• Passion: Everyone is passionate about something or the other. You sure have a passion as well. Say for example you have a passion for writing; there are several online jobs that require freelance writers to provide them with original and quality content. This way you will not only get to do something that you are passionate about but also earn money at the same time.

• Get hold of the right people: of course you are not the only one with your particular interest; there are others who share similar interests as you. So, do some research on the market, get in touch with people who do the same kind of work that you want to do. Ask them how you can apply for similar jobs and act accordingly.

One great way to make money from home if by promoting other people's products and making commission on every sale that is effected as a result of your marketing efforts. However, when you start off, you need to arm yourself not only with the right knowledge but a few helpful free promotion tools to help you on your way.

One such marketing tool is the twitter blaster, a free php script that will suck viral traffic to your website using the twitter network. However, this free tool is available for a limited time period only. So help yourself and download it today if you don't want to get left behind!

Online Book Marketing

Also see

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Copywriting - What's the big Deal? It is - that's it!

"8 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring a Copywriter"
by Ali Brown

If you're considering hiring copywriting help for your next sales letter, brochure, website, or marketing project. Congrats! You should get great results if you hire a pro to do it right.

Many solo-preneurs have valid concerns about letting an outsider develop their content. After all -- it's your business, you know it best, and your image is critical. However, you're wrapped up in your business every day.

A good copywriter can see your business in a new light, draw out the key benefits of your products and services, and communicate that excitement to your clients and prospects.

Working with a writer isn't complicated, however it will benefit you tremendously to become familiar with how the relationship typically works and ways to help the process move along smoothly. So, here are my top 8 tips on how to choose and work with a copywriter:

1. Understand what you're trying to accomplish.

Streamline the writing process by figuring out the principal points you need to communicate -- *before* you bring in a writer. Who is your target audience? What is your message? What is unique about your business? In what tone do you want to speak to your reader?

And most important: What response do you ideally want the reader to make? Having this information agreed upon BEFORE you get a writer involved will save you unnecessary copy revisions and keep your costs down.

2. Have a realistic schedule.

Rushed work usually means it'll be expensive... or just plain bad! Avoid hastily hiring a copywriter and dumping a rush job on her. Not only will you not have time to thoroughly check her experience and references, but, no matter how wonderfully talented she is, her first draft will not be 'fully cooked.' Most copywriters need some time to let words and ideas simmer.

Most writers will request several WEEKS to develop your copy, so set a realistic schedule to give the creative process ample time. Count on going through one or two revisions as your writer refines the piece and conveys the key benefits of what you're promoting.

3. Make sure the writer has written for the *medium* you want.

Let's say you need someone to re-energize the copy on your Web site. A freelancer who has only written magazine articles won't likely have the skills to create content for a dynamic Web site. She's probably not proficient at breaking-up copy into easily digestible bits, integrating hyperlinks that entice your users to take action, and keeping your end-user in mind to plan a friendly, easily-navigable site.

She may be able to learn how, but you'll be paying for her slow ramp-up speed. Take time instead to find the right person -- it will save you many headaches down the road.

4. Experience within your industry isn't always necessary.

When I was a copywriter myself, I heard many prospects say, 'So you've never written for a _______ company before?' A valid concern on your part, but don't worry. A writer's ability to write well for the medium is typically more important than her having prior experience in your industry.

Many writers are true generalists and write just as well for an edgy new media start-up as they do for a giant hospital network. They're very proficient at diving into your business, learning it inside and out, and churning out great copy to entice your target market.

Now of course, if you're producing a technically oriented business-to-business Web site or marketing piece, you may want to hire a writer with experience in both your project's medium and your industry. If you find a good one, hold on tightly and pay well. You've struck gold!

5. Ask for references, and contact them.

All writers can show you samples of well-written material, but how do you know if they'll work to understand your communication needs, meet deadlines, and act professionally in front of your clients? Any great copywriter should have an ample list of references that she can share with you. Be sure to contact at least two of them, and ask them about her weaknesses as well as her strengths.

6. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

It amazes me how businesspeople will drop thousands of dollars on Web or print design and hesitate to spend half as much on great copy. Pictures and design enhance your message, but jeez folks ...the writing IS your message!

Good copywriting does not come cheaply -- you'll find writers who charge anywhere from $75 - $250 per hour and up. You'll pay on the higher side for an experienced writer, one with a particular specialty, or one who's also a proficient editor. (Many writers are also great editors, but not all writers are editors, and vice versa.)

Veteran sales letter pros typically charge high flat fees, and I know of a few colleagues who charge up to $100,000.00 for one single salesletter, plus royalties. But you can find good copywriters for much less.

7. Work on more than a handshake.

True writing pros will give you an agreement they've drawn up for you. However, you'll occasionally find yourself having to draft an agreement for the project. This doesn't have to be complex -- a simple letter that you both sign should do fine. Be sure to include the project size, number of revisions included, timetable, and agreed fee (this can be a flat fee or hourly rate).

And don't forget to ask what's *not* included. For example, many writers charge extra for in-person meetings, research time, and weekend or rush work. You should also expect to pay an upfront retainer. Most writers charge one-third to one-half of the total project fee upfront, and many won't begin your project until they have the signed agreement and check in hand. And if you have sensitive or proprietary information, don't hesitate to have your writer sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

8. Give your writer background info at the start.

It often happens that a writer is hired for a large project, and the first thing she's asked to do is come in and interview all the principals of the company. After several days of interviews, the writer is then handed the company's brochures, annual report, and marketing plan.

If this background info had been given up front, the client could have saved hours of time and money! At the beginning of your project, pass on any and all previous and applicable info.

Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown publishes the award-winning 'Highlights on Marketing & Success' weekly ezine with 36,000+ subscribers. If you're ready to jump-start your marketing, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at

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Make Your Own Ebook Covers!

You know, I was always wondering how to make an Ebook cover. I wanted it to look nice and have that 3D look. But know what would clue me in. So, this is what I found on Ezine I have articles there now too!
Make Your Own Ebook Covers!

Let me know what things you find!
If you are selling an eBook, studies show that having an image of the book creates an increase in sales. A 3D cover gives the customer the feeling that they are actually getting SOMETHING for their money, not just a bunch of digital 1s and 0s.

There are several ways of creating an image for you to use. The first is to pay a designer to create one for you. The advantages of this are that you can usually receive an image or collection of images (in various sizes) that really looks nice. However, these custom images can be costly...between $50 and $200. And frequently it takes several iterations before the designer makes a 3D cover that matches exactly what you need.

The second method is to buy Adobe Photoshop and an Action Script. An Action Script is like a macro or mini-program within Photoshop. In the case of creating a 3D book cover, it involves converting the flat image and giving it effects like depth perspective, reflection, shadow, etc. There are existing templates and scripts for Photoshop that produce some really beautiful images. The difficulty is that both Photoshop and the Action Scripts are fairly pricey and have a bit of a learning curve. Photoshop costs $300 and the popular scripts for the 3D covers run about $50 to $100.

The third method is to use GIMP. GIMP is a free graphic software package that is as close to Photoshop you can get. There are some technical differences between GIMP and Photoshop which high-end graphic designers will argue about. But for the purposes of designing your own 3D book cover, GIMP can produce the same quality image as Photoshop.

GIMP is 'open-source' software. It is not owned by any one company. It is available freely on the internet.

There are several steps to creating a photo-realistic 3D cover. First, the image actually consists of several smaller images: the face, the spine, and the top edge. Reflections are created for the face and spine layers. Highlights are added to give texture to the book, especially at the bend and top edge. Those 'layers' are then wrapped around a box within GIMP.

One of the best things about mastering the GIMP technique is that GIMP can open Photoshop templates. There are free book cover templates available on the internet, but they are all in PSD files, which is Photoshop's format. Those free files can then be opened by GIMP, and the technique for wrapping can then be applied to those files as well, all without having to pay for Photoshop!

In addition to being fun, designing your own 3D Book covers can be profitable. Many internet marketers are looking for graphics to go with their products. Once you learn how to create those graphics, you then have the ability to sell them! Search Internet Marketing forums for people looking to buy graphics, or sign up with one of the many freelance design websites on the internet.

However you choose to create your 3D book cover, always strive for top quality results. A poor image, such as those created by free websites, can hurt your eBook sales. It is better to have NO image than to have a bad one.

You can see examples of 3D book covers created with GIMP at

You will also find a tutorial there that explains the steps in more detail, including the exact settings needed to wrap the layers correctly.


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