Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to Become Wealthy in Network Marketing - Secrets to MLM Success

This is a simple overview of what it will take if you want to become wealth from your network marketing opportunity.

How to Become Wealthy in Network Marketing - Secrets to MLM Success

#1- Put 90% of your focus on marketing and sales. There are lots of little details you can get bogged down in when it comes to growing a lucrative home business. The sad truth is that most business owners put their focus on tasks that don't make them money. What does make money? Marketing, prospecting and selling. This is where your focus needs to be if you want to make money. If you are ever confused about where to put your energy, always come back to the question, 'is the task at hand directly related to making money for my business?' If the answer is no, then it's likely not a top priority.

#2-Learn Attraction Marketing- For over 90% of the network marketers in the world, their only real hope for becoming financially free is through attraction marketing. Most home business owners are not very interested in getting out of their comfort zone and pitching their business opportunity to friends, family and strangers. They aren't very keen on cold calling leads they have purchased from the internet.

Attraction marketing is a process of using web 2.0 technology to position yourself as an expert which attracts ideal prospects to you. You set yourself up as a trusted leader who can help other networkers succeed. When people sense that you are a 'go to' professional in the indsustry, many of them will want to join you in your opportunity. On the front end, you offer them resources and tools to grow their business. You earn commissions by being an affiliate on the front end of your prospecting, then you recruit them into your organization on the back end to create residual income.

Attraction marketing is an incredibly effective way to effortlessly magnetize to you. Most of the 7 figure earners in the industry are using this approach. (See http://www.brandingsuperstar.com/ )

#3-Create an online marketing process that you stick with consistently. This process should include blogging, article marketing, PPC, video marketing, twitter, facebook, and social bookmarking. This process puts you in front of literally millions of prospects from around the world. If you want to become wealthy through network marketing, you'll need to generate at least 50 leads per day which will take a combination of various marketing strategies. If you are generating 50 leads per day and you are doing attraction marketing, you should be making a solid 6 figure income through both affiliate marketing and through your primary company.

This is the blueprint for creating true success and financial freedom in the MLM industry. Focus on your marketing, position yourself as a leader, and stick with the same marketing process every day until you hit your goals.

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Kevin Doherty is an author and online marketing and business coach who helps network marketers create lucrative businesses through cutting edge internet marketing and social media strategies.

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