Friday, February 6, 2009

Can Anyone Say, TMI – Too much Information!

No one has a simple life anymore. The information age has turned into information overload. Endless internet, never-to-get-away-from cell phones and the addictive gadgets – Blackberrys! (My husband calls these “Crackberrys” because one can get addicted to non-stop email checking and text messaging.)

We have more stuff to keep us organized and on top of things, but are constantly feeling like we can’t keep up. This creates stress (especially those who are wanna-be perfectionists like me.)

I have found that being a wife, mother and entrepreneur involves some major strategies and wisdom from God. The type of life I desire has to be woven with care and prayer – constantly!

Here are some steps to keep you moving in the right direction this year:

1. Command your morning
. If you can’t get a handle on your morning, your days will skid off the tracks too. If you can manage your day, you can manage your life. Start your morning off speaking positive, faith-filled words over your day. A couple good books to get to guide you: “Commanding Your Morning” by Cindy Trimm or “Confession: The Key to Purposeful Living” by Stacia Pierce.

2. Be a list person. Carry a notebook with you to record thoughts and have a journal handy during your prayer time to write down instructions that you hear God telling you to do. While waiting in lines, pull out your pad and make lists of details you need to take care of. This helps you see the big picture for your life because the small details are on paper and not taking up space in your brain that you can use for more creative strategies.

3. Create systems. Standardize the way you do your daily life – how you grocery shop, order office supplies, retrieve mail/email, pay bills, remember Birthdays, run errands, etc. Set regular appointments for hair, nails and “dates” with friends and family. There’s enough hours in the day to do all we need to do if we make some tasks “automatic” and stick to our schedules.

4. Learn to say no. Once you make your list, created your system, have your plan in place and working it – don’t get sidetracked by other folks “drama.” Yes, sometimes there will be “divine” interventions but not all day long. Be a doer of your own word to yourself and keep your promises to others.

5. Stop doing everything yourself!
Wonder woman was a cartoon! Retire that cape and ask for help. Quit trying to do so much at one time too. We are humans not a machine. Get help from family. Involve them in your business or ask them to pick up the slack at home. Get support from friends. If there are things you really hate to do and a friend doesn’t mind, barter! Do something she needs done in exchange of what you need done.

Finally, but not least, enjoy your life. Add some fun and simple pleasures to your life everyday! Even if it just getting some big fluffy slippers and robe and leafing through a magazine at the end of day or lighting candles or singing in the shower or car – enjoy your life – when Mama’s happy – everybody’s happy.

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