Monday, April 4, 2011

Simple Social Media Strategy

My #1 Time Saver - helps me soooo much is: Hoot Suite

Here's what I typically tweet in an 8 hour day (my status and tweets are tied together) about something every hour.

Now, all these things go with my overall BRAND
1. A question of the day / listening is BIG in SOCIAL MEDIA!
2. A quote of the day
3. A Cinchcast tip (from my mobile)
4. A blog post (one of mine or another blogger from my RSS Reader)
5. A youtube video
6. An ezine article
7. A blogtalk show
8. A recommended product to help those with Branding or Social Media

7. Social Media and PR Coach News (daily) using my
8. Comments with song of the day from
9. Commentary and a photo from Flickr

And of course I retweet, comment on other blogs and videos and "like" a lot!  I love being social in social Media! Don't you?

Most of these things I do from my mobile or are automated using Hoot Suite

More tips: See my PR Pro Shop

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