Friday, March 11, 2011

How to get traffic to your website, Pam Perry, PR Coach & Social Media Strategist

Shama Kabanin, author,  The Zen of Social Media Marketing

Make sure your content is not boring. Add pictures and video, if possible. Make it eye-pleasing. The great thing about social media is that it’s your world! Be as creative as you want to be. The more creative your blogs are, the more people feel a personal connection to you and start to see your true personality. This will build trust early on and cause them to stay connected long term.
Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get one million ‘followers’ as soon as you create your Twitter profile. Social media takes time and dedication. It may not seem like anyone is paying attention to you; it may seem as though no one is listening. But believe this, someone is watching you.

They’re just waiting to see how consistent you will be. Don’t change the message that you send out. If you’re a motivational speaker, your tweets and statuses should motivate, daily! 

 Over time, you will see positive results from people you never even knew were watching.

SEO + Publicity + Social Media = ?

Getting lots of targeted visitors is a dream of any website owner. Although many people put a lot of work and have valuable content on their websites, some of them never manage to get a desirable amount of traffic. This article will give you some information about a way, how anyone, who has some experience in creating vector graphics can get lots of quality backlinks and attract visitors.

Nowadays vector graphics are becoming more and more popular. Designers use them for logotypes, posters and web templates. As a result, lots of free vector galleries have been established during the past few years. Illustrators share their vector art in these galleries and get backlinks to their sites. How this can be beneficial? Why is it worthwhile to share vectors for free? There are lots of reasons and I'm going to discuss some of them.

* Most of galleries of free vectors are popular and gets lots of visitors. Some of them get about 500 thousand visitors a month. Submitting your vector art to galleries, that are this popular, would definitely bring several hundred visitors to your website.
* Some of vector galleries have a high Google page rank. When somebody adds link to your website, Google gives you some credit and positions your website higher in their search results. The higher page rank of a linking site is, the more credit you get. So, submitting your vectors to free galleries is an easy way to get quality backlinks and be positioned high in major search engines.
* You can choose an anchor text for links to your website. Once you submit vector art to free vector galleries, you can specify a name of your website. It would be a good idea to choose keywords, that you are trying to rank high for in search engines as your website name. In this way, your website will get a decent boost in search engine rankings and eventually, more and more people will find it through Google, yahoo and other search systems.
* You might get a donation. Some vector galleries let you specify your paypal email in their submission form. This means that people, who like your vector might thank you by donating some money to your PayPal account. Thus, sharing vectors might be a good way to earn some money.

Submitting vector graphics to free vectors galleries might be beneficial in many ways. The requirements are not high, so one does not need to be a professional designer to get his vector art published. There are lots of free vector galleries that can be easily found through google search. Contribute some of your vectors to them and you will not feel regretful.

If you decided to share your vector art, make sure you visit free vectors gallery. You will be able to upload your vectors there and see what other designers have created. Article Source:  (see

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