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Networking for Newbies - Creating a Page - The Difference Between a Page and a Post - Adding a Link

WordPress is a Content Management System and blogging tool. A blog (web-log) is an online journal, diary or commentary, presented as a website. Generally, one or more contributors (bloggers) add new content to the top of the website on a semi-regular basis. here's your lesson: 

If you've been following my articles on setting up a WordPress blog and creating your first post, you may now be wanting to create your first page. Before we begin however it's a good idea to make sure you understand the difference between a page and a post.

Although a page and a post seem similar, there are in fact two distinct differences....
• A page is 'static' - that is it doesn't change. People use 'static pages' for such things as your front home/welcome page or an about me page or a contact page
• A post on the other hand is your 'constantly updated content' such as a series of articles or discussions about your business, hobbies or personal life.

So let's presume you want to create a 'static' about me page.

The first thing you need to do is to log into your back office (dashboard) by going to:
http:// yourblogname / wp-admin, then log in as usual.

From your dashboard you need to look to your left hand column and click 'page' -
Here you'll see two choices: 'add new' and 'edit' - if you want to create a new page you obviously click on 'add new' but if you've not done this before, you'll need to click 'edit' first because by default WordPress will have given you a sample about page already.

After you click on 'edit' you'll see to the right, a tab to the 'about' page, so click on 'about' and it will open up the work station for your 'about' page. You'll notice here that WordPress has kindly put in some example text for you, so you're going to need to change this.

First of all you may want to change the 'about' title box to: 'about me' or 'about yourname' so that people know exactly what it's about. Then in the main box underneath you need to delete the sample text and replace it with your story.

Your story needs to tell people all about yourself, for example; where' you're from, your interests and how you came to be writing a blog or starting an online business. This will help to give you credibility, build your brand and portray 'you' as a real person to whom people can relate - it's all about building relationships.
Once you've finished, all you need to do is go over to your right and click 'update page' and that's it, you've created your first page.

The only other thing I want to cover here is creating a link. A link is just a 'clickable word' that takes you either to another page or post on your blog or to another website.

You may be wondering if you're new - 'why would I want to create a link'? - well the main reason is because Google likes links! - it helps to join related posts, pages and sites and Google likes 'relevance' so it will help with your SEO.

The good thing is WordPress makes it really easy to create links. All you need to do is open your page or post and click on 'edit' then simply highlight a word in your page or post that you wish to 'link from' - once your word is highlighted go up to the editing tools and look for a little 'chain link icon' - 'click' on it and this will open up a little box - here you simply add the url of the page you want the link to transfer to - click insert and that's it you have a link!

Look out for my next article on creating a static front page.
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