Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do YOU have an Online Following? Are you on Page One of Google? Can your customers find you?

Do YOU have an Online Following?
Christian Retailing spotlighted this trend recently in an article calling attention to the group of author-run blog sites and new social media forms such as Twitter and Facebook.
 Cheryl Kerwin, senior marketing manager for Tyndale publishers says, "An author needs to be online somewhere - whether it's a blog, Facebook page or a website (or twitter). Digital seems to be the trend, and we recommend this to all of our authors, encouraging their involvement in this 'cost free' communication ...which builds a loyal following."
For more tips on online marketing, I have a downloadable ebook and an audio mp3 on WEB 2.0 that teaches you how to "Be The Media."  See our PR Pro Coach Shop.
I also do group PR coaching to help authors get a "grip" on how to leverage their social networking into a loyal online following.
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"Those that show up, go up"
Pam Perry, your PR Coach
P.S. See this video too, I thought it was hilarious! 

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