Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Powerful Ways to Build One Way Backlinks

One way links pointing back to your websites are very important in search engine optimization. Not just that, they are extremely powerful when they come from high quality or high profile websites. There are many ways to build one-way backlinks, but these five are potent and powerful.

Link Baiting
This is quite controversial but when used properly, can be very powerful in that the content, widget or software can go really viral. There are many ways to do this, and they all vary in their complexities. However, the easiest is by creating stellar content that are very relevant and masterpieces that people would love to have, bookmark and share with friends and relatives.

Article marketing
In this case, all that is required is writing articles and promoting them. There are many ways to do this. Submitting to the article directories as many people seem to teach is not enough. You need more "juice", more web power to really achieve the desired results.

Links from wikis, .gov sites
This is a very powerful backlink building method. However, this is quite difficult as getting links from these places take time, effort and hard work as these sites are quite skeptical of links.

Guest Blogging and Blog commenting
In guest blogging, you have to find related niches with some authority to write for. And blog commenting is about the same too. The only difference being that you just post comments on the blogs. It is very important that the blogs be dofollow and not nofollow.

Press Releases
Press release services are seen as high authority and are therefore, powerful sources of one-way backlinks. All it takes is a press release with both an anchor text and a link to the targeted website.

These five ways of getting the necessary one way back links are proven and very effective. The only thing is doing them yourself can be very hectic and tasking. The best thing to do is to hire a SEO company to do all of this for you as they have all the necessary resources, knowledge and manpower. (see

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